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Eye Spy - 2009/07/04 19:19 How about a big brother style setting, people come in with various characters and try to stay in the house.

If you don't keep the public entertained, you get voted out!

This is like the brazilian BB, where the housemates were all shagging after two days. Except this won't get taken off air.

First in the house:

Nicole Redman
Nicole is a tall slim redhead with a fiery temper who wants to marry a movie star when she grows up (she's 18 (of course)). Nicole has done some acting, mainly in kids films, and wants to get rid of her wholesome image.

Looking to hook up with the hunkiest guy she can find, but doesn't want to do anything too depraved in case she ruins a future job opportunity with Disney (Like just being here hasn't done that already).

Brad Roughhauser
Brad is a rough looking complete bastard. Rough shaven, tattoo's, sunglasses(indoors, at night).
Hard drinking and violent. Brad knows there aren't going to be any magazine deals or presenter jobs for him when he gets out of the house, so all he wants to do is screw as many of the girls in there as he can, as fast as he can!

Demura DeCosta
A pre op ladyboy, Demura is a stunning blonde with a figure to die for. No one can tell she's the girl with something extra, and when they find out they don't care, because she's hotter than any normal woman could ever hope to be! Demura wants to get it on with anyone, of either sex. She wants to shock, push boundaries and get noticed!

She loves doing 'straight' guys, since they're the ones who go for her the most. The gays just want to do other guys.

Samantha Cane
A model, actress, dancer, singer... useless at all, with the brain of a pea. Thinks she is on a talent show... her agent put her in the Eye Spy house for her to get some exposure. Samantha is short, with massive tits and long blonde hair.

Emily Watts
A religious freak, believes in a cult based on a sci fi book. Wears a virgin band on her finger like a badge of honor. Wants to purify the house and is against anything remotely naughty!Emily is young, with long brown hair in pigtails, glasses and a flat chest.

Guy Walker
A nice guy from a rich background, polite and courteous... while there are witnesses around. In private treats everyone like the servants he has at his house. No morals or ethics... mummy and daddies lawyers will get him out of any scrapes!

Who will be coming in next?


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