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The Sex Artist - 2009/03/15 08:32 The Sex Artist by A. Ninny is another of my favorite games. It places the player in the role of Buzz, the sex artist of the title. Buzz's goals are to kickstart his artistic career, and to get a little further with his high-maintenance tease of a girlfriend, Claire.
(mf, mff, mmf)


Penis of Plenty: There's a lot of well-written sex in The Sex Artist, most of it ending in explosive orgasms for the PC.

Designated Lust/Love Object: Claire is very much the DLO of this game as well as being the Key Girl

Steamy Sex Scene: The Sex Artist has its share of these, but it also subverts this trope by preventing you from having a complete scene with Claire until the very end. For example, you get to play with her at the opera, she plays with you at the restaurant, but neither is a full scene by any stretch of the imagination.

Winning the Gauntlet: Possibly no other DLO makes the PC jump through as many hoops to earn her affections as does Claire. Somewhat subverted in that she aids the PC's scene with Toni for her own pleasure.

Named PC: The PC of The Sex Artist is named Buzz Aldrich. YMMV.

Optional Scene: If you play your cards right, you can have a little one-on-one fun with Liz, but this does not affect the overall story at all.

Xyzzy: Subverted "This is where something amusing is supposed to happen.
"I'm waiting...
"Oh, you want ME to amuse YOU? Well, forget THAT! You'll just have to find your own amusement. I suppose you could try the sex bits in this game. They're pretty entertaining."

Voyeur SSS: The PC enjoys both sides of this during the game, directing Jim and Liz, and then having Claire direct him and Toni.

Cameo: Angie from Last Minute Gift by A.Bomire makes an appearance.

Climactic Action: Mostly averted. The full SS scenes either do not have a pre-defined end (Jim & Liz), or end after you have done pretty much everything you could conceivably do (Liz, Toni). The only scene where this trope applies is the final scene with Claire, where a certain act ends the game. However, you get the option of continuing.

Attention to Detail: The Sex Artist is notable for giving the player an in depth description of the opera Tosca and the three course meal the PC enjoys with Claire.

She Likes Her Toys: After making the PC wait the entire game, Claire delivers at the end with some kinkiness involving a vacuum cleaner and a strap-on...

Pre-scripted scene: The Sex Artist has three scenes (the opera, dinner at the restaurant, the PC/Toni scene that is directed by Claire) where the PC has to wait several turns while a pre-scripted event plays out before he can take any meaningful action.

Can't Buy Me Love: Averted. This isn't really an AIF trope, but I while I was replaying The Sex Artist I was struck by how closely the PC's progress with Claire was related to his financial success.

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