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Purple Dragon

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2010 Mini-comp - 2010/05/05 01:51 Hello all,

I'm afraid that the newsletter is going to be a bit late this month. Okay, I know, I mean a bit MORE late than usual. I'm just having a few issues here. Real life is riding me like a 20 year old coed in heat – no, wait a minute, that would be good. Anyway, I'm pretty busy.

I just wanted to mention that, and also remind everyone that the 2010 mini-comp deadline is quickly approaching. If you haven't started your game yet then you still have time, but probably just barely at this point. I'm reprinting the rules below as they appeared in the newsletter. If you have any questions about anything then either ask here or send me an e-mail to address below.

Hope you're all doing good and coming up with some good games for us.

Purple Dragon

2010 Mini-comp submission rules are as follows:

• Your game must have five or fewer rooms. Closets do not count as rooms so long as they're just places to store things. If your player is required to spend more than a couple of turns in a closet, it counts as a room.
• Your game may have no more than four characters, including the player-character(s). No more than two of those characters may participate interactively in sex scenes. This is an expansion on previous years' rules and allows the PC to be a non-participant or voyeur while the two non-player characters have sex, and also allows the game to switch the PC from one character to another.
• As an exception to the above rule, cutscenes will be allowed under certain circumstances. In this case, I am defining a cutscene as a single block of text of any length triggered by a single command (or event, randomly, whatever). For instance, you might "look through telescope" to spy on your neighbors having sex, or "watch dvd" to see some porn. The participants in these scenes can be either one or more of the four characters that you are allowed or merely background characters. In either case, each character can only be involved in a single sexually explicit cutscene (unless of course they are one of your two sexually active characters).
• Another use for cutscenes might be to sketch in background information or develop the story or characterization. A character can appear in any number of these types of cutscenes, provided there is no sexual content involved. Although I am putting no limit of either of the above types of cutscenes I urge you to use discretion in adding them. A few can add some very nice flavor to a game, but too many will not only increase the scope of the game beyond the spirit (if not the letter) of the rules, but can also become cumbersome for the player to weed through.
• Multimedia (images and sounds) are permitted, but may not add more than 150KB to the native (unzipped) size of the game file.
• No part of your game can have been released to the public before the deadline.
• Your game must be winnable (or at least it must have an ending that the player can reach).

Mini-comp submission procedures are as follows:

• The submission deadline is 9:00 a.m. CST Monday, June 7, 2010.
• I will be available to help beta-test your game. Beta-testing is strongly encouraged but not required. If you are looking for a beta tester please consult the following link for a list of people who have agreed to test games. http://newsletter.aifcommunity.org/index.php?id=beta.html
• I will collect the entries by e-mail and post them at the normal places after the deadline. Send your entry to aifsubmissions AT gmail DOT com (obscured to prevent spam).
• Authors should send a walkthrough with their entry. The walkthrough will be used by comp organizers to verify the game can be won and to provide hints for players.

Voting procedures are as follows:

• Everyone, including entrants, will be allowed to vote.
• Voters will have approximately two weeks to play all the games and vote. The voting deadline will be announced when the games are released.
• Voting will be conducted in a manner similar to that of the Erins: An online ballot will be set up to rank each game in order of preference in each category. Rather than rank the entire list of games, only the top three or five will be ranked in each category. If the total number of games submitted is 3-6, then the top three will be ranked. If we receive more than 6 games, then the top 5 will be ranked.
• Unlike previous years, discussion of the games during the voting period will be allowed.
• Authors will not be permitted to post updates of their games during the voting period.

Voters will be asked to judge all the games in the following categories:

• Concept. Is it a good idea for a mini-comp game? Does it work well with the set limits? Does it feel complete or more like a game fragment?
• Writing. How well-written is it? Do the settings have the atmosphere that the author seems to be after?
• Characters. Do the characters 'come to life'? How sexy are they?
• Sex. How hot are the sex scenes?
• Technical. How many bugs are there? What neat tricks did the author invent?
• Enjoyment. How much did you like the game?
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Purple Dragon

Posts: 216
Karma: 12  
Re:2010 Mini-comp - 2010/06/11 23:04 The 2010 AIF Mini-comp is now available to be downloaded. You can find it on both the AIF Archive and at AIFGames.com.

The file is called 2010_AIF Mini-comp.zip.

On the archive it is under "files - mini comps"
Here is a link:

http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/4LESTGzbP-ZPxQDRR9e-BctE- kAU8uze67HpQ7bE5GEqWNliIEAv_1htUfsmc2rjJh0pK3xcfwzCi3JGBuc5W-Zo4fLh9vAP5KLhfLJKHw/Mini%20Comps/ 2010_AIF_Mini-comp.zip

And on AIFGames.com you can find it under "AIF Files - AIF Games - Competition Entries
And the link:


There were four games submitted this year. Certainly not our best participation, but good enough to go ahead with the voting. Voting will be up in a couple of days, and I'll post another message when it's ready.

Here are this year's games:

Entrancing Sin by Anonymous
Once Upon a Dream by Purple Dragon
Redskirt by Begferdeth
Sibling Seduction by LordYoni

Remember that this year is the first time we have lifted the "No talking during voting" rule, so feel free to discuss the games or ask for help if you wish.

Well, what are you waiting for. Download those games and get playing.
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Purple Dragon

Posts: 216
Karma: 12  
Re:2010 Mini-comp - 2010/06/13 07:21 Voting for the Mini-comp is now open.

Show your support by going to the following link and rating your top three games in each category. Voting will be open until Monday, June 28th.


I've had a few problems getting the voting to work correctly. It seems to be okay now, but if you get any kind of error when voting, please let me know right away.

Also, since I have a game in the comp this year, I've asked A. Bomire to take over on collecting and tallying the votes. So thanks to him for picking up the ball there.
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