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Re:The Rival - 2012/04/15 01:51 POV Kent> Lets get started. Ask Elena to drag Tiffany off to discuss something, leaving Jake alone. Fi can then swoop in and make some moves on Jake. Elena can bring Tiffany back in time to see Jake doing stuff with Fi. Meanwhile we can take the aphrodisiac and put it in Tiffany's drink.
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Re:The Rival - 2012/04/23 15:09 Had a bit of a hard time getting this one arranged in my mind. Sorry about the delay! Also, while it won't be a regular thing, I think I'll allow for a Tiffany command and POV this time. We'll skip Kent for the moment as he doesn't have much to do.


>Kiss her

Her warm lips press against yours and all thoughts of Elena or Kent vanish. All that exists for that moment is her burning heat against your body as she presses against you, and the feeling of her lips on yours. Tiffany finally pulls away after a long moment, drawing in a quavering breath that sends tingles down your spine. You lean toward her again ... and are startled by a quiet cough next to you. You and Tiffany hastily pull away from each other, and you can see her face glowing red for a brief moment or two before she manages to rally herself.

"S-sorry to interrupt," Elena says. "Tiff, can I talk to you?"

"Sure," Tiffany says, giving her younger sister an attentive look.

"Umm, alone?" Elena says, giving you a bashful look.

"Go ahead, I'll wait," you tell Tiffany when she glances over at you.

Tiffany stands up and follows her sister out of the room into the kitchen, leaving you alone. You sigh, feeling a little disappointed at the interruption. You lean back and close your eyes, trying to engrave in your memory those few moment with your lips on Tiffany's.

The sound of someone walking toward you registers in your ears and you reluctantly open your eyes to find Fiona staring you in the face.

"You look happy," Fiona says.

"Really?" you ask.

Fiona sits down in Tiffany's spot and grins at you, her eyes flickering downward for a moment. You follow her gaze and notice to your slight embarrassment that you are ... happy looking.

"I guess things are going well for you then," Fiona comments. "Of course, it looks like she left the job half finished ... need a hand?"

Fiona's hand strays over into your lap, her fingernails lightly tracing trails across your thigh. You feel an oddly uncomfortable and yet enjoyable rush of blood beginning ... and reach out to grab her wrist, gently forcing her away.

"Sorry Fi, we're done with that," you tell her, feeling a little proud of yourself. "I'm dating Tiffany now."

Fiona looks slightly annoyed, but shrugs and pulls away. She notices Tiffany's glass sitting unattended on the table and retrieves a pill from her pocket.

"This is Tiffany's, right?" Fiona asks. "I didn't get a chance to fulfill my end of the bargain earlier."

You look at the pill and a twinge of guilt runs through you. The aphrodisiac that Fiona promised ... it looks like Tiffany really didn't take it yet. Which means the way she was acting just a minute ago ...

"Hello, earth to Jake," Fiona says, waving a hand in front of your eyes. "This is her glass, right?"

You hesitate, wondering if you might not have been thinking this through when you originally asked this of Fi...

<POV Tiffany>

"... and James kind of ... grabbed me," Elena says, her eyes cast downward. "And started touching me. I managed to slip away thanks to Fi, but ..."

"You mean he was ... assaulting you," you say carefully.

Elena nods and you suddenly recall another night here. James and Michelle were in the back yard, and Kent ...

You stop that thought before it finishes forming and instead focus on the first portion of it. You had assumed that Michelle and James were drunk or dating or something when that happened but it looks like that probably wasn't the case. You look at Elena, and a sense of guilt washes over you. If only you or Jake has checked up on her ...

"Don't worry, it won't happen again," you tell her, smiling gently. "I'll make sure of it."

You wonder how you should handle this though. It's been a long time since you really had to do the tough girl act but you do feel a little bad about the idea of bothering Jake after this past week or two of him babysitting. What will you do?

<POV Jake: Fi is giving you an impatient look. What will you do about the aphrodisiac?>
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Re:The Rival - 2012/04/27 09:14 POV Tiffany> Jake's done enough, time to do something ourselves for little Elena. Go find James are scare him off of Elena. Maybe mention something about Jake having photos of him (even if Jake doesn't, you and James both know hes good at that sort of stuff) to ensure his comliance.

If no-one else posts, use this, otherwise someone else can write for Jake instead:

POV Jake> Tell Fi its Tiffany's glass. Later we can knock it over or something 'accidentally' - if Tiffany is getting this into us now, getting her more aroused is going to make things difficult with Kent sniffing around. Then ask Fi how Kent's doing.
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Re:The Rival - 2012/05/05 00:41 > Go find James are scare him off of Elena.

"You go sit with Jake for a while, I'll be there in a little while,' you tell Elena.

Your sister hurries on her way, and you make your way toward the kitchen where you find most of the remaining party goers but no James.

"Have you seen James around?" you ask the one overly busty blond ... Michelle, was it?

"He went outside with Eric," she tells you, pointing to the back door.

"Thanks," you give her a smile, then head out the back.

A blast of chilly air strikes your limbs and you shiver. With a passing thought towards your coat inside, you stubbornly take a few steps forward on you still mostly steady legs and look around for your quarry. You catch the sound of voices near the back of the yard and head towards them, catching sight of the two boys sitting at a stone bench behind some bushes. You march forward, your anger regarding the matter with Elena burning brighter with the kindling of your displeasure at the chill, and the two boys look up as you approach.

"Hey, I need to talk to you James," you say, giving him a chilly smile.

He shrugs.

"Here I am," he replies.

"Privately," you add, sparing Eric a glance. For an uncomfortable moment, you find yourself grateful of the concealing dark that hides the rush of red to your cheeks when you see him.

Eric willingly stands and offers you his seat before heading back to the house. You sit down carefully, wincing at the feel of cold stone against your legs.

"My sister says you've been bothering her," you begin.

"Don't know what you mean," James replies. "She hasn't said anything to me all night. In fact, we haven't really talked at all. Maybe she's just trying to get attention?"

"She says you assaulted her. She wouldn't make that up," you tell him calmly, trying to keep your anger under control at his flippancy. "She's only 17 too, so you shouldn't be going near her anyway."

"Oh, telling me I need to go after older girls? Got one in mind?" James asks, grinning.

You pause. After a moment, realization sinks in.

"Are you ... are you trying to hit on me?" you ask, incredulous. "I-I'm going out with Jake, you idiot."

James holds up his hands, protesting his innocence.

"Hey, hey, you came to me, telling me to look for older women ... just saying, don't need to tell me twice." James says, winking.

"Y-you ... You .... " you begin, your teeth beginning to chatter slightly as the cold continues to sink in. "Just ... stay away from my sister or me and Jake are getting involved, alright!"

You stand up and turn toward the house, marching forward comfortable in the heat of your anger. You reach the door and turn the knob ... and find it stopping in your hand. The lock! You forgot to prop the door on the way out!

"Huh, way to go," James says, stepping up behind you. He peeks inside. "Looks like everyone relocated from the kitchen too."

You think for a moment, knowing there is something odd going on ...

"Eric came back before us, how did he get in?" you ask, shivering as you begin to notice the cold again.

"He probably went around the house. He's big and tall enough to hop the fence to the front," James says.

You turn to James, anger at the situation beginning to build.

"So how do we get back in?" you ask.

"Huh, well, I might know a way ... what's in it for me?" James asks. "You gave Eric a nice little lap dance earlier and he didn't even help you get back inside ... so what are you going to do for me?"

"Possibly stop myself from knocking your lights out ... possibly," you say, a growl beginning to build in your voice.

You step forward aggressively, partly wondering to yourself if you really should hit him ... and stagger slightly. To your embarrassment you see James grin and relax, clearly unworried by your threat now.

"Tell you what, you look cold," James says with a smile. "How about we cuddle up for a minute and see if someone comes to find us. If not, I might have a plan to get us back in ..."

<POV Jake>

"Yeah, that's her glass," you tell Fi.

"Alright then ... time to melt us an ice princess," Fiona says with a smile.

She glances around to make sure no one has returned, then opens the capsule and pours the contents in Tiffany's drink before giving it a quick stir. She turns away quickly as Elena enters the room, followed moments later by Kent, leaving you staring at the glass with an uncomfortable feeling in your gut.

The rest of the party goers begin to reappear a little while later and begin mingling once again. Max appears to take the seat next to yours, setting his drink down next to Tiffany's and inquiring about how your night is going. You continue the conversation awkwardly, trying to figure out a way of disposing of the aphrodisiac without arousing suspicion ... and then your problem is solved when Max accidentally picks up the wrong drink and downs it in a single go.

You simply stare, dumbfounded, and notice a similar look of consternation on Fiona's face. Weird, you don't think you've ever had luck work FOR you before ...

"... did I have two drinks with me when I sat down?" Max asks hesitantly, considering the full glass on the table.

"Eh ... yeah, sure, why not," you say, "I think you did."

"Alright then ..." Max says, still looking unsure.

Well, with that handled (in a manner of speaking), you glance around, wondering where Tiffany is. Kent is here, so that rules out any danger of him and Tiffany being together and alone ... but it is a bit odd. You wonder if you should go look for her ... but then, if she is simply in the bathroom it might seem a bit weird.

You wonder what you should do ...

<POV Tiffany: It couldn't be clearer what James actually wants ... you are a little confused admittedly, since you've never really had someone act that way toward you before. You wonder if this has something to do with the skirt or something ... well, anyway, you need to figure out what to do. James probably can get you in if you can tolerate whatever embarrassment he has in store, or you could try Eric's route. You suppose you could actually try physically attacking James too but that seems a little ... difficult at the moment.>
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Thufir Hawat

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Re:The Rival - 2012/05/07 23:30 POV Jake:

> Ask Elena if she knows where Tiffany is (since the last time you saw her Elena was asking to speak to her in private). Wouldn't do to resume the party without her, especially not after the way she let you know how she feels about you--you could get used to being Tiffany's boyfriend...

As for Tiffany, I'll leave that for another poster.
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Re:The Rival - 2012/05/14 03:05 Hmm, I guess we'll just assume a Tiffany response on this one. Now then ....


> Ask Elena if she knows where Tiffany is.

You spot Elena sitting at the card table and decide to have a chat with her. You walk over and slip into the chair next to her.

"Hey, where did your sister get to?" you ask. "You guys were talking earlier, right?"

Elena shifts in her chair, looking away.

"Yeah ... it was about James," Elena says, looking a little upset. "He got me alone earlier and started ... grabbing me. She went to talk to him."

You feel a flush of shame coming over your face. Admittedly you have been more worried about Kent and Tiffany than Elena and James, but then part of you thought she might enjoy his attentions a bit more. You are distracted when you feel something soft and heavy settle against the back of your head, and the wafting of some warm, female scent surrounds you along with a pair of slender arms.

"What's going on?" Fi asks from behind. "I haven't seen your ice queen around lately. Did she finally abandon you to my attentions?"

Fi's fingernails trace lightly against your skin through the fabric of your shirt, and you reluctantly snatch her wrists and stop her.

"No, she just had something to take care of," you tell Fi. "I'm sure she'll be back any minute."

"Mmm, more's the pity," Fi says with a dramatic sigh. She pauses for a moment."Hmm, Elena? Are you feeling alright?"

You turn your attention to the little girl, noticing her flushed face and balled hands in her lap.

"Y-yeah, just thinking about what happened and ..." Elena whispers, looking over at you. " Jake ... I, I need ..."

With a pang, you wonder if Elena has actually found someone else to ... take her frustrations out since you and Tiffany officially became an item. If not, she is probably struggling with the effects of the drug.

You feel Fi's hot breath on your cheek, and you realize that at some point you must have let go of her wrists because her nails are once more tracing electricity across your skin. One hand slips down below the table, resting gently on your thigh ...

You swallow, trying to clear your thoughts. How are you going to handle this ... clearly Elena having a hard time keeping herself in check at the moment. If you don't figure something out, she just might end up making an uncomfortable mistake tonight. But what can you do?

<POV TIffany>

"And I suppose when we get inside you'll save me from frostbite by l-letting me in your bed," you say. "No thanks."

"Hey, whatever," James says, shrugging. "Your choice."

You glare at him for a moment before stomping off around the side of the house. A wall of bushes and overgrowth blocks your path, long thin branches twisting together in a barbed snarl that gives you pause even in your anger. You look around and eventually find an area that looks as though it has recently been fought through and carefully try to slip through.

Cold bark and leaves scrape against you, tangling in your skirt as you stumble your way through. With a uncomfortable feeling of parting fabric you feel something snag in your stocking and tear what feels like a sizable hole, eliciting a wince at the shock of cold air against your skin. Finally you force your way through to clearer ground and stumble into something large and warm.

"You alright?" Eric's voice comes from above. You look up to see him trying not to smile at you, and are thankful for the darkness once more as heat rushes to your cheeks.

"Yes ... thanks," you say, stepping away hastily. "I thought you were inside already. I was coming to follow you over the fence."

Eric hooks a thumb over his shoulder and you follow it to the fence; it is topped with very ornate and vaguely dangerous looking spikes.

"Normally I would, but I'm not really sure I was to try after that card game," Eric says. "I noticed a vent over here for something, so I was just warming up by it while I tried to think of something."

You notice a small white plastic piece on the wall that mists with steam slightly. You wonder about it for a moment before realizing it is probably an exhaust for a dryer or something similar.

"Hey ... wait a second. Is that window up there open?" Eric asks.

"I don't know ... it's a little high to reach, anyway," you say, squinting.

"I could boost you up, if you want," Eric says.

Your mind turns to your shredded stockings and the draft briefly, but you brush the thought to the side. Neither of you have particularly good balance right now, but if you were sitting on his shoulders you might still be able to reach it. The thought of being in close contact with Eric again stirs up uncomfortable sensations ... but part of you thinks it might actually work, if the window is open. Failing that, you could just wait it out with Eric and see what other opportunities come up ...

<POV Jake: You aren't sure, but for a moment you thought you saw Michelle glancing at you and Fiona ... you wonder if you should be having this conversation elsewhere. Or at least hurry up and think of a way to resolve this. Elena needs release and while part of you wants to give it to her, sleeping with your girlfriend's sister is definitely a bad idea ... what are you going to do?>
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Re:The Rival - 2012/05/14 08:52 POV Jake> Kiss Elena on the cheek and tell her you may be able to help her out later, if she helps you with Tiffany. Then head into the kitchen and see if you can see where Tiffany disappeared to.

POV Tiffany> Though its likely Eric just wants to see under your skirt, who knows how long you could be waiting out here. Get Eric to give you a boost and see if you can get in through the window.

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Re:The Rival - 2012/06/03 21:54 Once again, apologies for going MIA again. Not sure if I'll be able to manage it, but I'll see if I can scrounge the time to double update a few times over the next week to make up for it.


>Get Eric to give you a boost and see if you can get in through the window.

You consider Eric's offer a moment.

"Are you sure you have the balance for that still?" you ask. "I'd rather not end tonight with a broken neck."

"We've got a wall you can brace against," Eric points out. "I think we'll be fine."

You look Eric over, still feeling a little nervous, but eventually your dislike of the cold wins out over your fear of falling and you give him a nod.

"Alright, let's try I guess." you tell him.

Eric kneels down in front of the wall, cupping his hands. You gingerly set your foot in his hands and set your hands up against the wall, trying to forget that Eric could easily be staring up your skirt right now.

"Ready?" he asks.

You nod in assent before realizing that he probably can't see.

"Ready," you tell him.

You shake unsteadily as he slowly, and without apparent effort, begins to lift you into the air. You shift your weight onto the foot in Eric's hands and slowly edge your hands up the wall, trying to focus on the windowsill above you.

Only a few inches away ... then maybe an inch or two ... and then your fingertips meet with warm air where cold glass should be, and you smile to realize that this is indeed a way inside.

"I think it's open, I just nee--" you begin, then stop when you feel your balance beginning to shift unsteadily.

"Wow, careful," Eric grunts, attempting to move to steady you.

Eric's well intentioned movements merely serve to throw you further off balance, and with a jolt you suddenly realize you are about to fall--

--and then Eric's hands are no longer beneath your foot and you are somehow cradled in his arms. You look up at him, part of you thinking that he must have caught you as you fell while the rest of you muses rather comfortably that it is a rather pleasant feeling being held in such muscular arms ...

"Umm, thanks. I guess I lost my footing," you say.

"Don't mention it," Eric says, an amused smile in his voice.

For several long moments the two of you remain like that and you begin to worry that you may have to ask him to let you down. You feel strangely reluctant to ask though, and are rather relieved when he finally returns you to your feet on his own accord.

"It looks like the window is open," you say, suddenly eager to break the silence. "But I'm not sure I want to try that again anytime soon."

Eric examines you briefly, then the window.

"You don't need too much more height to be able to reach. If you were sitting on my shoulders you might be able to do it," he suggests, kneeling down again.

"I suppose I can give it another try..." you say, glancing at the window.

You approach him and, after a moments thought, tuck your skirt up between your legs before taking a seat on his shoulders, you legs straddling his head. You resist the urge squeak when his cold hands wrap around your legs and, with that same slow, easy movement as before you feel yourself begin to rise in the air as he carefully stands up. Your hands easily reach the sill this time and you cautiously feel around for a good grip.

"Alright, I think I've got it." you tell Eric, and you feel him release your legs.

You take a deep breath and pull yourself up, wincing a little at the effort and making an inward promise to ask Elena more about her gymnastics exercises later. You feel Eric's hands capture your feet again as you struggle your way up, giving you a little push to help you get your head and shoulders through the window ... and then you are through and carefully balancing on what appears to be one of those top/bottom washer/dryer machines as you lower yourself to the floor, the machine's metal walls announcing your safe landing with a low, droning bonging noise as you release them.

"I'm in!" you call out in the direction of the window. "I'll be at the back door in a minute to let you in!"

You are about to leave when you suddenly remember your torn stockings. You look them over briefly in the dark, eventually coming to the conclusion that they are ruined. With a sigh and a glance around, you take a moment to remove them, eyeballing them for a moment before tossing them into a nearby trashcan. That done, you open the only door to the room and find yourself in a small room that looks like some kind of study and let yourself out into the hallway ...

<POV Jake>

You force yourself to ignore Fiona's touch and focus on the problem at hand.

"I can't ... at least, not unless Tiffany is okay with it," you say quietly to Elena.

"Fat chance there," Fi snorts, her hands slowing to a halt.

"Maybe ... maybe later, Elena," you say, mentally agreeing with Fiona's assessment. "But it's something I'd have to talk to Tiffany about."

Elena looks at you hard for a moment.

"I don't know if I can wait much longer ... but I'll try," Elena says softly. "But hurry."

"I'll go looking for her right now," you say, standing up.

You head to the kitchen and surmise after a glance that Tiffany must have taken her 'talk' with James outside. You reach out to open the door only to have your knuckles bruised as it opens from the outside.

"Whoops, sorry," James says, slipping a key back into his pocket. "Didn't think anyone was there."

"Yeah, it's fine ... " you say, shaking the pain from your hand for a moment. "Is Tiffany outside?"

"Yeah ... she decided to cool off for a bit, guess she was feeling a little overheated or something," James tell you.

You give him a pointed look, quite sure that 'overheated' was probably an understatement given what Tiffany had on her mind when she set off to see James. You consider saying something for a moment, but decide against it; you doubt you would be able to add much to her argument.

"Alright, well, I'd better go find her--" you begin when the door to the kitchen opens and Tiffany appears. "Oh, hey, there you are."

Tiffany gives James a venomous glare for a moment before approaching.

"Yeah, sorry about leaving you stranded." Tiffany says. "I think Eric is outside, I was thinking we should get him in before we start up the next game."

You are just about to agree when the door creaks open and the big athlete steps inside, looking a little confused at the welcoming party waiting for him.

"Well, that was fast," James comments. "Alright, let's get going."

As the four of you head into the living room once again, it suddenly strikes you that Tiffany's stockings are missing.

Why would ... you wonder, suspicion welling up inside you. Tiffany went to see James, and seems annoyed with him ... and wanted him to stop bothering her sister. And now articles of her clothing are missing and, yes, the rest seem in disarray as well ...

You try to force the thought from your mind, telling yourself that Tiffany would never do anything with James. And they were coming from two entirely different directions when you found them, anyway. But James would probably make that kind of offer though, wouldn't he ...?

"Alright, what's everyone feel like doing now?" You hear James ask distantly.

"Truth or Dare?" Sara suggests.

The rest of the room is quiet, no one else offering any suggestions.

"Actually ... how about a game of Hide and Seek?" James asks.

"Wow, I wouldn't have suggested something quite that tame," Fiona comments. "What's next, high stakes competitive I-Spy?"

"Ah, but here's the thing; once you are found, the finder and the found--ee? Well, whatever, the person who gets found can either spend a minute in their hiding space alone with the finder, or they can opt out. If they opt out, they are captured; if not, the finder has to let them go find a new hiding place afterward," James explains. "The captured people line up in order, first captured to last, at the end of the round and drink a number of shots equal to their position in the line; the person in last becomes the new finder for the next round."

"Uh, someone's going to end up dead if that happens," Kent comments. "How about we impose a time limit, or forfeit rules again or something? Maybe say the finder has a 20 minute limit to find everyone?"

"Alright, I'm cool with that," James says. "So, let's see some hands if we are all done with the suggestions; who wants Truth or Dare, who wants Hide and Seek?"

You stare at James carefully, your mind still trying to puzzle out what happened between him and Tiffany ... but perhaps that should wait for the moment. Maybe you should cast your vote one way or another, unless you have a suggestion of your own ...
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Re:The Rival - 2012/06/09 14:19 OOC: If anyone else wants to post before Holet gets in, go ahead.

POV Jake> Vote for the hide and seek game - truth or dare might be hazardous if you had to talk about you and Fi or Elena.
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Re:The Rival - 2012/06/09 17:01 > Vote for the hide and seek game

Truth or Dare may well help you find out what you need to know, but it also is a little too public for the kind of conversation you want to have with James. The Hide and Seek game, on the other hand, may be just the ticket.

"I vote for Hide and Seek," you say, raising your hand.

"I concur," Kent adds, raising his hand as well. "It sounds a bit more interesting than the usual party fare."

The others seem to think about this for a moment, then Tiffany, Elena, Michelle and Fi also raise their hands.

"Alright then!" James says, grinning. "Who is 'it' first?"

"I've got an idea," Kent says, picking up the deck of playing cards. He separates ten cards from the deck, shuffling them quickly before fanning them out. "Everyone take one. Low card is 'it', then everyone else hides, in order, going up."

Everyone selects a card, and you turn yours over to find the number 6.

"Are aces high or low?" Max asks.

"They go both ways, oh yeah!" James says to the groans of the assembled party-goers.

"This isn't blackjack," Kent tells James. "Aces are low, you're 'it'. Who is number 2?"

Elena shows her card, and Kent gestures for her to hand it to him. He says something quietly, giving her a wink and Elena walks away with an odd look on her face. You aren't sure if you should be hoping that Kent was just hitting on her or not ...

The players cover their eyes and a minute is counted while Elena hides, and then the ritual is repeated as Eric, then Tiffany, then James hide. Finally it is your turn, and you find yourself wondering where to go. It would, of course, be easy enough to hide somewhere where no one would look, like the back yard, and 'win' the game by not being forced to drink or ending up in a complicated situation. But on the other hand, you could think of ways of using this to your advantage ... either by getting other players found on purpose, or by using the opportunity to speak with other players in private.

What to do ...

<POV Kent: As the players leave in search of their hiding spots, you consider your options. You could always play the game as intended and enjoy the random possibilities it offers ... or you could use it to your advantage. Twenty minutes isn't a huge amount of time, but if you could spend it with Tiffany ... well, it seems an enjoyable enough way to pass the time. The trick is, do you search for her and hope for the best, or do you try to call in assistance? You know where Elena will be thanks to the message you passed to her when taking her card, but will she be of any use?>
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