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Purple Dragon

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Re:The Orgy -- Live AIF - 2008/12/07 05:33 Wow, that’s quite a command. I thought that I was going to get through this whole thing without having to do this, but I’m rejecting that one. Hell, I even wrote the response about Paul giving Mike a blowjob, which is definitely outside my comfort zone, but at least it still sort of fit in with the story. The triplets set up this game and they simply wouldn’t have written something like that. Also, being women themselves they would know that the odds of a woman -- any woman -- coming like that are, in spite of what porn might tell you, about a million to one.

Seriously, have you read any of the preceding commands and responses? The characters are pretty well developed by this point, at least from a sexual point of view. Thinking outside the box is fine, but let’s try to keep it at least a bit within the bounds of reality.
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Re:The Orgy -- Live AIF - 2008/12/07 20:41 Sorry ... you're right, I hadn't read much of the previous stuff..

I'm only interested in the 'unrealistic' fantasy sex style of gaming, super hot women, impossible sex acts, rape, humiliation, 12 inch cocks, endless orgasms , typical 'hentai' stuff etc etc ... LOL !!

(I guess tying up the triplets and calling some mates round to abuse their holes all night is out of the question as well, LOL !)

Feel free to edit out my posts to make everything look 'neat and tidy' again LOL

Post edited by: madquest8, at: 2008/12/07 14:46
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Purple Dragon

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Re:The Orgy -- Live AIF - 2008/12/08 06:19 Thanks for understand Madquest. Just for being such a good sport, you’ll find a little something special in your stocking.

So, that still leaves us with the final command for Mitch and Rachel. Let’s get this thing finished.
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Re:The Orgy -- Live AIF - 2008/12/11 18:50 Well lets end this thing with a bang. This is supposed to be an orgy after all right? Time to get everyone involved.

> Separate the participants that have already went into two teams, Mike, John, Gary, Steve, and Bob vs. Susan, Lisa, Jackie, Mary, and Drew, boys vs. girls. The boys have to work together to get Rachel off while the girls have to do the same to Mitch. The triplets are neutral, and are not allowed to touch either Mitch or Rachel, but can interact with any other participant to distract them and make their task harder. Anything goes and the toy table is fully available to both sides. First side to make their target cum wins bragging rights for their gender, at least until the next orgy...

Sorry for the long, somewhat complicated last turn. But I figure its the last one and something simpler just wouldn't have done the epic nature of this orgy justice
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Purple Dragon

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Re:The Orgy -- Live AIF - 2008/12/18 08:42 Here we go, the end of the story. This one is pretty long, but I wanted to go out with a bang (or a dozen of them as the case may be). Before we get to the finish, I wanted to say a couple of things. First, if you haven’t read the whole thing and would like to, there is an alternative to clicking through all the pages on the forum. I have the full text of the story available on my website. The file lists all the commands along with who actually posted it. Hopefully that will make it a bit easier to read the whole thing if anyone so desires. Here is a link to that page on my website, but feel free to take a look around while you’re there.


Next, when I started this thing (lo these many years ago) one of the reasons was to find out what everyone liked to see. So now’s your chance to possibly effect future games I might write. Tell me what you liked and didn’t like about the story, and you might find your ideas in a future game. You can post your comments on the comments thread provided here or send them to me directly at purpledragon.aif AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks in advance for all your wonderful feedback. And now, on with the show.


A smile spreads across Mandy's face as she sees who is left. As Mitch opened his paper and began to read, Mandy decides she can’t wait and just explains it to the rest of us.

"For the last challenge I thought we would get everyone involved." She uncuffs the pair and tells Mitch to lie down on the floor. Then she leads Rachel to a point a few feet away and has her follow suit. "Now, the guys get Rachel and the gals get Mitch. The first group to make their charge come wins bragging rights for their sex. And...Go."

With those rather simple instructions, you spring into action. It’s quite a stroke of luck that Rachel had been chosen for this because you know her better than any other girl in the group. Of course, there isn't a guy (or girl for that matter) in the group that hasn't fucked her at one time or another, but you've fucked her more than everyone else put together and feel confident that you know exactly what buttons to push. With that in mind, you decide to hold back for now and direct the action rather than taking a direct role.

Calling Gary over you say, "I want you to get in there and start fucking her. Slow and steady at first. Just keep up a good pace until I tell you. Mike and Steve, each of you take one of her tits and start licking all over, but avoid her nipples until I say. John and Bob, kneel by her head for now, I'll tell you what to do in a minute."

You know Rachel. Everything that has already happened tonight, combined with the anticipation of her turn coming up will have her very worked up already. The slight teasing that you are giving her now will add to that and drive her crazy. If you play this right, she might even forget that she is supposed to be trying not to come. You spare a glance over at the other group and notice that they've jumped right into things. Laura is riding Mitch's cock, while Jackie kneels between his legs, licking and sucking his balls. Lisa is crouching over his face, crushing her pussy against his lips while Susan and Mary add a touch, lick, or suck wherever they can, Running their fingers though the hair on his chest, sucking on his nipples, or playing with his ass. Drew seems to be doing the same thing you are, directing the actions of the others. It's a bit puzzling that she isn't involved. It seems like the natural thing would be for her to just give him a blowjob, as traditionally, her mouth seems to be to surest way to get a guy to come quickly. Well, no time to worry about that now.

You turn your attention back to Rachel to see how things are going. You notice that she has her eyes closed and a look of concentration on her face as she evidently tries to divert her attention from what is begin done to her. You motion to John and Bob to get their attention and when they are both looking at you to stick out your tongue, touch it with one finger, and then touch your finger to your ear. They get the idea immediately as each bends down to start licking and nibbling and blowing in one of Rachel's ears. Even with all the sex that she has had with people in this group, most still to not know just how much that turns her on. Her ears are an erogenous zone nearly on par with her breasts. When they start nibbling on her ears she opens her eyes and looks up to see you smiling down at her. Giving you a sneer, she closes her eyes again, but she isn't going to be able to distract herself for much longer.

Tapping Mike and Steve on the shoulder, they look up and you touch a finger to you own nipple and point down at Rachel. When they simultaneously lean down and each take one engorged nipple into his mouth, you're pleased to see her whole body jerk. Yep, not much longer at all.

Walking over to the table, you grab a tube of lube and select two vibrators. One is about eight inches long and an inch and a half wide. The other is a little bullet vibrator, very small, but very powerful. Walking back to the group you look up at the triplets and say, "Hey Gary, I have it on good authority that you're the best assfucker in the group." You hand him the lube and say, "Why don't you take this and see what you can do with that other hole down there?" Rachel loves being assfucked, but as far as you know, she hasn't had the pleasure yet tonight so this should have quite an effect. You watch as he quickly lubes up his cock, and smears a little around her asshole before slowly pushing all the way in. Rachel draws in a breath and holds it, not letting it out until he is buried in her ass and you smile and say, "Slow and steady like before until I tell you." And he sets a pace to match what he was giving her pussy a moment ago.

Back at the other group, you notice that everything seems to be happening faster and harder. Mitch is being fucked harder, sucked harder, and Lisa almost seems to be trying to suffocate him with her pussy. Laura is bouncing that tight little pussy of hers up and down on his cock like her life depends on it and although you don't see any imminent signs of his orgasm, it can't be too much longer at this point. Time to crank this up a notch. Kneeling beside Rachel, you turn on the big vibrator and slowly slide it into her recently vacated pussy, pushing it nearly as far as it will go and then just leaving it there, vibrating away. You watch her body for signs of how close she is. Her ass and hips are trying to wiggle around on the floor, she's grunting every now and then, and her breathing, which she has been keeping even until this point, is now starting to get more and more ragged. You tell John and Bob that they don't have to be quite so gentle with her ears and are rewarded with a moan of pleasure as each of them sticks a tongue into one of them. Turning to Mike and Steve you say, "And you certainly don't need to be so gentle with those nipples. Don't be afraid to use your teeth a bit, the little slut likes a little pain with her pleasure." Rachel looks up at that and tries to glare at you, but she can't quite make it as her eyes roll back into her head. She's close now, really close. You're just thinking that you've got this in the bag when you hear Drew tells the other girls to all get off Mitch. You look over and swear as you see her climbing between his legs. She was just biding her time, waiting for the right moment, and now that it's here, you know that you don't have much time left.

Turning back to your own group you say, "Okay, Gary, no more mister nice guy, let her have it." He doesn't need to be told twice as he starts pounding in and out of her ass, and you have to reach down and grab the vibrator sticking out of her pussy to keep it from falling out. "Hey John, give her your cock. She loves having one in her mouth when she comes, which should be any second now." He puts his cock against her lips and she hungrily takes him in, evidently forgetting (as you suspected she would) that she is not supposed to be trying to come.

As you start to quickly thrust the vibrator in and out of her pussy, you smile to yourself as you realize that this is pretty much where you came in. She has one more guy now than she did then, but it's close enough to make you chuckle. Time to end this. Turning on the smaller vibrator, you press it hard against her clit while at the same time pushing the other vibrator in as far as it will go. The effect is explosive and immediate. She releases John’s cock for a moment and screams as she starts to come, then quickly takes him back inside, trying to suck his juices from him while she releases her own.

Yes! That should do it. But then you look over and notice that Mitch is also coming. As they both calm down you look up at Mandy and say, "So, who won?" Everyone looks at her expectantly, waiting for her answer.

"Too close to call," she says with a smile. "I guess we'll just have to have a tie breaker."

“Tie breaker?” you say, realizing that three or four others said the same words along with you.

“Yep, it’s the only fair thing to do. Hold on just a second.” She huddles for a moment with her sisters and then turns to face you again. “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. First, I want all the girls facing me on their hands and knees.” She waits while the seven girls line up in front of her, their asses all in a row before you. From Laura’s tiny little ass, all the way to Drew’s voluptuous curves, there’s something for everyone, and if someone put a gun to your head, you’re not sure you could pick a favorite.

“Now, each guy will choose a girl and fuck her from behind. When one or the other comes, that person is out and the one who comes last gets a point. Whichever gender has the most points at the end wins.”

As the guys start to pick their girls you do a bit more directing. Now that Rachel just came, she should be able to hold out quite awhile. You doubt that any guy could outlast her at this point so you tell Gary to take her. After assfucking her for so long he has got to be on the verge anyway so he might as well keep someone else away from Rachel.

As Gary takes his place behind Rachel, you kneel behind Drew and when all the guys have chosen a girl, Mandy speaks again. “Okay, now I want all the guys to enter your target and wait for further instructions.”

She sounds like a general commanding her troops, you think to yourself as you lean forward until your cock is presses against Drew’s bountiful ass. You reach down and spread them apart, finding her pussy with a finger and testing the waters. The waters seem to be flowing just fine and you position your cock at the opening and push inside. Looking to your left and right, you see the rest of the guys following suit, and when everyone is in, Mandy continues.

“Here’s the rules. Ladies must keep their hands and knees planted on the floor. You are allowed to thrust backwards, just not to move your hands or knees from their positions. Guys, now that you are inside you are not allowed to touch your girl, except of course for what is already touching. This is a penis-vagina contact sport only. If either participant breaks these rules, then you are out and loose a point. Any questions? -- Good. Then go.”

You start with a slow in and out, amazed at how hard this is to do. You would really be hard pressed to count the number of girls you have taken from behind like this, but you have always been able to use your hands. To grab her hips or lean forward to reach around for her tits. It takes a good amount of concentration to just remember not to reach out and touch someone.

You take a look around to see what the others are doing and see that some of the guys are pounding their girls while others, like you, seem to be taking it slower. Likewise, some of the girls seem to be trying to minimize contact while others are thrusting back at every opportunity, eager to get their partner off quickly and win the point. It’s actually kind of a funny sight. Sexy no doubt, to see six other guys fucking six girls right next to you, but the fact that no one can use their hands is kind of awkward looking, like the girls are locked in place and the guys are threatening to loose balance at any second.

Turning your attention back to the task at hand you notice that Drew is not following either of the strategies demonstrated by the other girls, but rather one of her own as she seeks to just remain perfectly still, forcing you to do all the work. At this pace, you could probably keep it up for quite a long time, but you suspect it would not be long enough. You’re going to have to try something else.

Just then you hear a cry of pleasure and look over to see Gary obviously coming his brains out. Rachel smiles at winning the point, but knows it’s a hollow victory since Gary had already been on the verge. As Gary come down, you hear another cry from your left as John takes Laura over the edge. One to one, and the race is on.

You decide that mixing things up is probably your best strategy, not giving Drew time to get used to one thing before moving on. You start pressing in deeper with each thrust. You really love fucking Drew from behind. She has the absolute best ass for this, and as you enjoy the feeling of burying yourself inside her while your hips repeatedly slap against her soft cheeks, you hope that you didn’t make a mistake by choosing her.

Another grunt and cry from you right notifies you of the fact that Lisa is out and right on her heals, Jackie adds her voice to the mix. That makes 3 to 1 and things are looking really good for the guys. Just two other couples left beside you and Drew, Steve with Mary, and Mitch fucking Susan. You’re actually looking right at Steve when he nearly looses his balance and before he can stop himself, reaches out and grabs Mary’s hips. Mandy calls him out and Steve swears before shrugging, and since he’s out anyway, grabs her hips tighter and starts pounding away in earnest.

Time to change things up a bit, you think to yourself. As you pull almost all the way out, you look down to watch your cock slipping out of Drew’s pussy. With only an inch still inside, you start thrusting in as fast as you can, moving very quickly, but only penetrating her a couple of inches on each thrust. This move always drives Rachel crazy and you hope it has the same effect on Drew. And then you realize that it must as she starts moving at last, trying to move backwards and force you deeper inside. All in good time my dear, you think as you do your best to keep you distance.

Looking up, you notice Rachel standing right in front of the two of you, looking down with a smile on her face as she watches you tease Drew. God she’s beautiful, standing there naked, sweat covering her body, her hair slightly wet from both her sweat and still a bit from your shower awhile ago. She licks her lip and brings one hand up to her breasts as her other moves between her legs. Her eyes lock on yours as she tweaks her nipples and pushes a finger inside her pussy, moaning quietly as she pleasures herself.

You’re not stupid, although she loves touching herself, and loves you to watch her, in this case it’s more about making you loose than any of that. You know that, but still can’t quite bring yourself to look away. Partially this is because you just don’t want to, but partially because you don’t want to give her the satisfaction. It’s not that you’re not confident in your own prowess, but you’re still glad that Mitch is the one still left. Since he just came, he should be able to hold out quite awhile. There’s no way that he’s going to come any time soon -- and then he does, the bastard! Now, with it all tied up, it’s just down to you and Drew, and of course, your slutty little girlfriend who is doing all she can to help Drew out.

You start to mix things up even faster now. Four or five long, slow thrusts, then four or five quick jabs, then a few fast in and outs, then push all the way in until you can feel the tip of your cock against her cervix and hold it there. Drew is panting now, getting close, but then again, so are you. It’s going to be close.

In front of you, Lisa has joined the show as she leans over Rachel and sucks on her tits. Rachel’s hand is a blur of motion over her pussy, and although her main goal might be to get you to loose, she is obviously still enjoying this quite a lot.

Drew is squirming now, pressing back against you, and you no longer have the clarity of thought to try to stop her.

Laura kneels in front of Rachel and starts licking her pussy, and Rachel grabs her head, crushing the little girl’s face against herself.

You’re pleasure is agony, you want to come so bad, but you can’t -- can’t give them the satisfaction.

Rachel pushes Laura’s face away and grabs he hand and moves it to her pussy. Laura sticks a finger in, then two, three, and Rachel grabs her hand again and starts fucking herself with it. Something about her using Laura’s little hand like a dildo really gets to you and you nearly loose it, having to use every trick you can think of to stave off the inevitable.

Drew is now throwing herself back against you, and you find yourself on the defensive for the first time since you started, trying to keep control in a situation that is completely out of control. You think you might just be able to do it but then you look back at Rachel and your eyes widen at what you see.

Rachel pushes Laura hand more violently against herself, she has four finger in now, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. With one final push, Laura’s hand completely disappears inside. It’s like her arm ends at her wrist, and Rachel grabs her forearm and keeps pushing it in and out of herself.

That, as they say, is that. You no longer care about holding out, about the contest, about bragging rights, about -- anything. You just know that you need to come and right -- fucking -- now! You start pounding Drew for all your worth and it doesn’t take long. You completely loose track of your surrounding and, as you come, maybe even consciousness for a second or two. You can feel yourself spewing inside Drew’s tight pussy, and that’s all that matters.

When you can finally think straight you look around and notice everyone gathered around you and Drew, who has collapsed to the ground with you on top of her. You roll off and help her to her feet.

“Congratulations Paul,” says Mandy.

“You mean I won?” you stutter out and everyone laughs.

“Yep, although it was damn close there at the end. I thought Rachel’s little show would give it to the girls.”

“I thought so too,” you reply, smiling over at your girlfriend, who sticks her tongue out at you like a spiteful child before smiling back.

“Well,” continues Mandy. “The guys have bragging rights, but I think we’ll have to wait until next time for you to do too much bragging. After that last bit I think it’s time to call it a night.”

Everyone seems to agree as people start gathering up clothing and getting dressed. When everyone is done, you stand at the door with Rachel, saying your goodbyes as everyone wishes you one more happy birthday. When they’re all gone, you turn to Rachel and give her a kiss. “Let’s go to bed,” you tell her. “I’m exhausted.”

“Not too exhausted I hope,” she says with a wicked glimmer in her eye. “I still have my birthday present to give you.”

The little minx is insatiable, you think to yourself as she takes your hand and drags you into the bedroom. As she turns down the lights and climbs on top of you, you think that there is a real possibility that she’s going to kill you like this one of these days. Then again, what a way to go.

The End
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Platinum Boarder
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Re:The Orgy -- Live AIF - 2008/12/18 16:25 ::applause::
Thank you very much for the entertaining tale PurpleDragon. I hope you enjoyed writing it as I did reading.
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