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AIF Game Engines
This area contains links to the AIF Game Engines.  Regsitration on AIF Games will allow you to download most of these from this site but as always it is nice to check with the website of each engine for the most up-to-date engines.
  Web Link
  Link   R.A.G.S. System
The R.A.G.S. system is a flexible and powerful tool designed to allow you to quickly and easily create fun, exciting games and distribute them to your players.
  Link   Adrift
ADRIFT Runner is the application which takes the adventure files created with ADRIFT Generator, and interprets them as an adventure. Adrift is currently the most popular AIF engine.
  Link   TADS
Text Adventure Development System, TADS, is a freeware programming system that can help you create high-quality interactive fiction.
  Link   Inform
Inform multiplatform interpreter.
  Link   Quest
Quest lets you make make text adventure games - and you don't need to know how to program. Create your own interactive world or story easily with the included editor, QDK. Quest has the power to let you make exciting adventure games, complete with gr
  Link   AGT
AGT - The Adventure Game Toolkit
Adult Sex Toys